Josh Harnett works with Asian stars

Hollywood actor Josh Harnett is working with host of A-list Asian stars in his next movie, “I come with the Rain.”

The Asian stars include Japanese hunk Takuya Kimura (pic right), Korean star Lee Byung-hun (pic left) and Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu Shawn Yue.

Lee Byung-hun and Takuya Kimura

Josh is starring as a detective that is mentally disturbed after capturing a serial killer. He is assigned to help a Japanese to find his missing son (Takuya Kimura) and encountered various situations in Asia.

Lee Byung-hun is playing a Hong Kong gangster; Daniel Shawn’s role is not revealed, but I am guessing that he is a policeman in Hong Kong helping Harnett in his case.

Josh, Lee and Shawn are currently filming the movie in Hong Kong; Takuya Kimura will be joining them in early September.

Update – it seems that Daniel Wu has to pull out from the filming because of injury; his role is taken by Shawn Yue instead.