Park Kyung-lim married with non celeb

Korean comedian Park Kyung-lim is married to her non-celebrity boyfriend (or should I say hubby?) on Sunday (July 15). There are probably in honeymoon now at the romantic getaway of Bali.

Park Kyung-lim wedding
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Park Kyung-lim might not has a pretty face, but I have always like her performances… since the sitcom “New Non Stop” and to the recent variety show “X-man.”

All the best to the couple, wish them a happy marriage forever.

Btw, lots of celebrities attended their wedding… some of the big names include Lee Hyori, Kim Ah-jong, Jang Nara, Kangta, Eugene Kim and Chae Yeon etc.

The surprise guest must be former Korean national coach Guus Hiddink; the Dutch man is treated as national hero after leading the team to World Cup semi-finals in 2002.

You can see some of the wedding pictures here; and some guests pictures here.