Choi Ji-woo’s comeback meets failure

Korean actress Choi Ji-woo makes a disastrous comeback into drama acting; her latest TV drama “Air City” has ended with a 9.4% (or 10.7% according to another stat) rating for its final episode in Korea.

Korean drama Air City

Air City is Choi’s first Korean drama in 3 years; she was (perhaps still is) one of the most popular Korean actress after starring in a few popular TV dramas like Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven etc.

Air City however performed poorly since its premiere in May. A good Korean drama would have a rating of over 20%; whereas super-popular shows like “Dae Jang Geum” (Jewel of the Palace) had an average rating close to 50%… an around 10% rating is really a disappointment considering the cast they have in the drama.

Korean press has analyzed the ‘failure’ for lack of storyline despite an interesting background of the aviation industry. Some critics claimed that the drama was too focus in love tangle and ignore the other potential plots.