No Rain in Los Angeles

Korean pop star Rain has cancelled his concert at Staples Center, Los Angeles, just an hour before the start of the show due to technical difficulties.

Korean pop star Rain

Local concert promoter V2B Global is slammed for not preparing the stage properly; according to StarM (Rain’s world tour agency) the light and sound was not working at all, and the stage was not safe for performance.

There are also conflicting reports that the concert was cancelled because of low ticket sales, but StarM has denied the fact, and claimed that they sold more than 60% tickets… a decent figure for a large scale concert.

The audiences will get fully refund starting on Monday. There are reports that the decision caused quite a chaos, but according to CBS… Staples Center’s spokesperson said that Rain’s fans actually reacted calmly.

There are a few reports that Rain has organized a fan meeting later that night and apologized to his fans… I can’t confirm on this though, I can’t find similar reports from major news sources yet.

Rain has to cancel his earlier concert in Hawaii due to other reason… the cancellation of this LA concert has triggered criticism from some local Asian communities, branding it as ‘humiliation’ to Asians.

Personally I think the blame has to be put on both side… the local promoter is surely to be blamed for, but Rain’s world tour agency and his own management agency should have anticipated the issue earlier than that. Shouldn’t they be monitoring the venue from time to time?

I pity those fans that flew all the way from Asia to USA to support Rain’s LA debut. Hope that there was a fan meeting as some reported… at least they got to meet Rain up close.

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