Why Why Love started showing

Taiwanese drama “Why Why Love” (previously “Exchange Love“) has started showing on today (June 3) in Taiwan.

The cast and production team held a press conference cum party on Saturday (June 2) to celebrate the starting of the anticipated show.

Rainie, Mike and Kingone at Why Why Love press conference

The drama starred the same main cast from popular TV drama “Devil Beside You” including Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang.

Rainie will play a girl from poor family and has to work hard to pay her family debts; she somehow bumped into 2 rich and handsome brothers (Mike and Kingone), the sons of her boss… and started some interesting love stories…

Kingone is the elder brother that is smart, gentle and helps run the family business; while Mike initially an arrogant jerk.

I can easily guess that Mike will change his behavior because of his love for Rainie later in the story, and that Rainie will choose Mike over Kingone… I will be surprise if the story doesn’t end that way.

Btw, don’t ask me when it will be showing in other places, I have no info at the moment.

Official website (Chinese)

[Image credits to tom.com]