Singaporean actor Christopher Lee going to jail

Singaporean actor Christopher LeeMalaysian born actor Christopher Lee has given up his appeal and will serve his 4-weeks jail term.

Christopher was found guilty in early May for drink driving in Singapore, causing injury to a motorcyclist and pillion rider in a hit-and-run accident in October 2006. He is also fined for S$4,500 and is disqualified from driving for 3 years.

He should count himself lucky… Paris Hilton is sentenced to jail for 23 days for traffic offences and she didn’t even hit a person (yet).

Christopher has paid more than S$60,000 in compensation to the victims for their injuries, and has expressed his regrets in an official statement issued by his manager.

Let’s hope he will learn his lesson for real… I wonder if his relationship with Fann is affected with this case.