Nicholas Teo bought million dollar house

Nicholas Teo and pastaMalaysian born star Nicholas Teo (Zhang Dong Liang) has bought a million dollar house* worth around NT10 million.

Nic and Taiwanese artist Cyndi Wang have become popular stars since starring in TV drama “Sonria Pasta” in 2006. The drama is so popular in Taiwan that the TV station decided to re-air again.

Besides that, Sonria Pasta is also set to show in China and Singapore, which should make Nic and Cyndi more famous… and probably richer as well.

Nic also have the luxury to travel to Dubai and Europe recently, but was sad that his favourite notebook PC was stolen in Florence.

Nic is currently busy with his latest album, which is scheduled to release on June 1.

* Exact purchase price not reviewed; USD1 ~ NT30.