Jumong (2006)

Jumong was the highest rated drama in Korea in 2006, and has started showing in other parts of Asia.

Korean drama Jumong

Jumong is a historical drama based on the life of Jumong Taewang, founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo in the first century. The storyline of the drama has been largely altered though, to more real-life basis instead of the myhtical legend of Jumong (he is said to be descendent of gods in Korean myth).

The 81-episodes drama starred Song Il-gook, Han Hye-jin etc. I haven’t watch the drama yet, so I can’t share much insight about the drama; below is the story plot I gathered from a few online resources…

The drama started with the story of Hae Mo-su, the father of Jumong… about his battle with China’s Han armies and his encounter with Princess Yuhwa (mother of Jumong).

The drama then focus on stories after Jumong was born and nurtured, becoming the prince of Buyeo and meeting with his father Hae Mo-su, who was thought dead during a Han’s pursuit.

The latter part of the stories showed the intense rivalry between Jumong and his nemesis, and his love relation with Princess Soseono.

Hope to see his Korean drama soon.