The winners of 43rd Korean Baeksang Arts Awards 2007. Movies Daesang award (First prize or Big prize) - War of Flowers Best film - The Host Best director - Choi Dong-hoon (War of Flowers) Best new director - Jeon Gye-soo (The Ghost Theater) Best actor - Ryu Seung-beom (Bloody Tie) Best actress - Yeom Jeong-ah (The Old Garden) Best new actor - Jeong Ji-hoon (I'm a Cyborg, but it's Ok) Best new actress - Park Si-yeon (The Fox Family) Best screen writing - Lee Hae-jun and Lee Hae-yeong (Like a Virgin) Popularity award - Lee Jun-ki and Kim Tae-hee TV Daesang award (First prize or Big prize) - Jumong Best show (drama) - Seoul 1945 Best show (educational) - SOS 24 Best director - Ahn Pan-suk (Behind the White Tower) Best new director - Kim Hyeong-sik (Surgeon Bong Da-hee) Best actor - Kim Myung-min (Behind the White Tower) Best actress - Son Ye-jin (Alone in Love) Best new actor - Park Hae-jin (Famous Princesses) Best new actress - Koh Ara (Snow Flower) Best screen writing - Jeong Hyeong-su and Choi Wan-gyu (Jumong) Popularity award - Lee Bum-soo and Han Yeh-seul Baeksang is considered one of the 3 major movie and TV awards in Korea. Congratulations to all the winners.

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