Hyori set date for BoA and Jun-ki

Korean star Lee Jun-ki celebrated his 26th birthday with his fans in a party at Seoul, on April 15.

Hyori at Jun-ki birthday party

Jun-ki’s buddy Lee Hyori was invited to the party as well; and revealed a little bit of secret… that in late 2006, while she and Jun-ki were filming a commercial; Jun-ki asked her to introduce another pop star Kwon BoA to him.

Hyori did grant his wish and introduced BoA to Jun-ki; she even tried to persuade BoA to give it a try, but the 2 stars decided to become friends instead.

Hyori was responding to this photo (taken late 2006), which was posted online and created lots of gossips…

Hyori, BoA and Jun-ki

[Image credits to mydaily.co.kr]