This Korean MV caught my attention a couple of weeks ago because of the ‘actors’ featuring in the video… some big names from boyband TVXQ, Super Junior and G.O.D.

The song is “Bi Haeng So Nyeo” (or “Bi Heng So Nyo,” which means flying girl)…

The singer, Magolpy didn’t feature in her music video, but the little kid (I am not certain if I should call ‘her’ a girl, could be a boy lol) looks cute though.

Magolpy’s face was also not clearly seen on her music cover. Her company did pretty well in creating the mysterious image; it sure works as she is one of the most talk about Korean singers in recent weeks.

Magolpy Flight Girl music cover

Magolpy made her debut public appearance on March 31, a month after releasing her album.

Korean singer Malgopy

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