Don’t be over-fanatic

A suicide case in Hong Kong has made the headlines of all major Chinese newspaper because of the tragic cause.

It’s a long story (more details on… in short, a father was so over-committed to fulfilling his daughter’s dream of meeting her idol (Hong Kong star Andy Lau), that he spent all his fortune and finally commited suicide.

It’s sad to see young people wasting their life just to get close to the idols… it sounds harsh but I don’t feel sorry for the father at all… he pampered his daughter too much, and it’s just plain stupid, both of them.

At this site I’ve often seen comments from kids (presumably) that wanted to quit school to find their idol, and to fly to the idol’s location to see him/her in person blah blah… and I often condemned their intentions.

Fine enough if some rich kids are going here and there to meet their idols, but for most of the others… it’s unthinkable to waste your life being that fanatical over these idols.

Do love your idol, but not overdoing it… be logical and don’t overdo it.