Utada Hikaru and Kazuaki Kiriya seperated

Japanese pop star Utada Hikaru (????) has announced her divorce with (ex)husband Kazuaki Kiriya (???) in a joint statement.

Japanese singer Utada Hikaru

Just like her marriage 4 years ago, the divorce came as a total surprise to her fans and all Japanese press.

It’s said that the couple shared different interest about their future and decided to end their marriage; it’s understood that they ended their relationship in good manners and still remain friends.

Honestly I didn’t feel right when the couple got married; Utada was 19 and Kazuaki was 34… and Utada was 10000x more famous than Kazuaki (who was/is a photographer).

The view of life is so different when we are at teenage compared to when we reach maturity (probably at around 25)… it’s not easy to maintain the same idea about a marriage when you are 24 compared to when you got married in 19.

Anyhow, wish both of them luck and have a bright future ahead, Utada especially.