Japanese artist Ai IijimaJapanese artist Ai Iijima (???) is retiring from the entertainment world because of health reasons. Her agency has confirmed that Ai will be retiring as early as late March 2007, after fulfilling all her jobs on hand.

From famous AV (adult video) idol to TV celebrity, and to popular book author… Ai Iijima has been one of the most talk about Japanese artists for years.

Ai Iijima (born Mitsuko Ishii, 1972) made her AV debut in late teens, and starred in over 100 of videos before retiring from the porn business. Ai then became a mainstream TV celebrity, appearing in various variety and talk shows.

Ai Iijima then created lots of controversy in 2000 with her semi-autobiographical novel, “Platonic Sex,” which revealed her rather painful teen years.

Some famous authors were ridiculing the book initially, but the book still managed to become a bestseller, and was made into TV series.

Ai Iijima has been facing health problems since late 2006, believe to be some kidney related problems.

Get well soon, Ai Iijima… and enjoy your life after retirement.

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