Stefanie Sun vs Egypt gangster saga

Well, more twist has been added to the “Stefanie Sun threatened in Egypt” saga…

While hundreds of reporters were waiting at Taiwan airport; Stefanie (???) decided to fly back to Singapore, MV director flew to Japan, and the rest of the filming crew were forbidden to speak a word to the press… that left the press clueless about the incident, and speculations were sparked like wildfire.

I understand that Stefanie would probably want to accompany her mother back to Singapore (her statement was that she’s not feeling well), but the “no-comments” responses from the other crew and Stefanie’s company are rather weird… what are they trying to hide?

After such a huge headline, we can’t blame the press for wanting further details.

Some press are speculating that the Egypt incident was not as big an issue as expected, and that Stefanie’s company, EMI-Capitol was making the news up to create buzz for Stefanie’s latest album. The speculation is supported by the fact that Stefanie’s first song of the album was released to public just a day after the Egypt’s incident was exposed.

The only statement issued by EMI-Capitol was that no guns were pointed at Stefanie, but the filming team was extorted ~USD7000 (some crew members said that only ~USD3000) before they left Egypt.

Singapore Embassy at Egypt was also contacted, but no comments were given as well.

Too many uncertainties, too many speculations… I guess we are going to see this news on Asian papers for quite a while.