It Started with a Kiss (2005)

“It Started with a Kiss” (?????) is popular Taiwan TV drama in 2005, and achieved high ratings in some other countries.

It Started with a Kiss

The romance-comedy starred Joe Cheng (???) and Ariel Lin (???); and Jiro Wang (???) and Tiffany Xu (???) etc.

It Started with a Kiss (ISWAK) was based on Japanese manga “Itazura na Kiss” (Mischievous Kiss); a same-titled popular Japanese drama was also produced in mid 90s based on the manga. The story plot for ISWAK…

Xiang Qing (Ariel Lin) was a happy-go-lucky type of high school girl and had a crush on Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng), a genius and handsome high school boy.

After 2 years of secret admiration, Qing decided to express her feelings to Shu, but was cruelly rejected and Qing became the laughing stock of the school. Her bad luck didn’t end there; she found out that her house was destroyed by an earthquake when she got home…

Luckily a good buddy of Qing’s dad, Uncle Li came into rescue and offered them to stay at his place. Unexpected though, Li was actually Shu’s father… Qing and Shu had to stay under the same roof, much to Qing’s delight but Shu’s annoyance.

As time went by, the optimism of Qing began to influence Shu, making him to rethink about his future rather than following the path set by his parents. Gradually, love began to develop between Qing and Shu.

I actually preferred the Japanese version of the story, which was more direct and simple. The Taiwan version of ISWAK was a bit long winded in my opinion (30 episodes if not mistaken; Japanese version just 9-11), but still a fun drama to watch especially the first half of the show.

It Started with a Kiss 2; a sequel for the show has been planned, and is expected to be aired in late 2007.


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