Lin Zhi Ling criticized for cheap-act

Taiwan supermodel Lin Zhi Ling (Chiling, ???) was criticized by international renowned director Tsai Ming Liang (???).

Lin Zhi Ling dancing Tango with Terry Guo

The Malaysian born award winning director was referring to Chiling’s act at a recent company-dinner by Taiwan richest man, Terry Guo (???).

Lin Zhi Ling dancing Tango with Terry Guo

Chiling was paid to attend the dinner, and performed a tango with Terry while praising him as a good man…. which Tsai described as disgusting.

Lin Zhi Ling dancing Tango with Terry Guo

Tsai also criticized that the dinner was over luxurious (it’s said that the dinner cost ~USD20 million) and he felt bad at the overspending while some poor people were having hard time during the Chinese New Year festive season.

Tsai further explained that he was not targeting Chiling alone; stating that he was disgusted by all the artists that entertained and praised Terry simply because he is super-rich.

I felt that it’s harsh to criticized artist for making money… Chiling for example didn’t do any harm to others. I do see Tsai’s point though, the Tango pics aren’t pleasing, there should be a borderline to what you are willing to be paid to do. Tango is still ok, but what’s next?

Also… it’s ok for rich people to spend luxuriously, but USD20 million for a dinner? It’s still over-luxurious IMO even if a few thousand guests were invited. It would be nice even if 10% of that money is spent into charities.

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