Korea actress Jeong Da-binKorean actress Jung Da-bin (???) was found dead on Saturday morning (February 10); the police have classified the case as suicide.

The cause of suicide is believed to be depression because of her dipping entertainment career. Just a day before her death, Da-bin left an ambiguous message on her website, something mentioning that God is going to embrace her etc.

It’s saddening to some people who want to leave lost their life accidentally, and the irony is that some who are given the chance to live decide to end their life instead. Also, it’s the 2nd recent high profile suicide in Korea after artist U-Nee died a few weeks ago… something is terribly wrong with Korea entertainment.

Rest in peace, Da-bin. Hope that this is the end for series of bad news recently; I’ve written too many sad stuffs for the past couple of weeks.

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