Charlize Theron in Raymond Weil advertisementRaymond Weil, a Swiss watchmaker is suing South Africa born actress Charlize Theron for allegedly breaking an endorsement deal to wear only its timepieces.

The Oscar winning actress has been photographed wearing a Dior watch at a film festival news conference in Texas.

The watchmaker also complained that an advertisement for an Aids charity, in which Theron was wearing a non-Raymond Weil necklace, also breached the terms of the deal, which ran for 11 months last year.

It’s not the first time these kind of cases happened; I remember a few years back Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse (???) also faced the same issue when he was photographed drinking Coca-Cola while he’s endorsing Pepsi.

A lawsuit seems harsh on Charlize Theron, but in my opinion the actress should be more careful with it. The watchmaker was paying million of dollars for her endorsement; it certainly hurts to see that the contract was not fulfilled completely.


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