Beatrice Xu Wei Lun – Freedom music video

Thanks to reader ryoko_margareth, found out that Wei Lun (???) did record a song in 2004 in the OST for TV drama “Nine Balls.”

The song title is “Freedom,” duet with Gary Cao (??). Sounds pretty good; felt sorry for her… she could be a very successful singer.

This is the music video, not sure if it’s official or fan-made…

This is a fan made MV with Beatrice singing solo…

This is not a MV, but a 7-11 advertisement starring Wei Lun… looks cute, thought her fans would like to see it as well.


  1. […] Most people only know Wei Lun by her acting, but little known is that she’s a talented musician. She can play piano and harp very well, and can play guitar, drum and erhu as well. Listen to Beatrice’s only recorded song, “Freedom.” […]