Lee Hyori's music video, featuring heartthrob Lee Jun-ki and rising star Park Bom. This is the 3rd instalment of Hyori's advertising video for Samsung mobile phone series... more like a short movie instead... There is a short fiction story about the MV (around 9 minutes), will take a while to load...
Hyori played herself as superstar Lee Hyori, and she's getting tired of her busy life. One night she met a girl that looks like her (Park Bom) and decided to make that girl to replace her spot as the superstar, while Hyori herself went for a short trip. It's during her trip that Hyori met a group of dancers (the leader is Jun-ki) and have some fun time with them... but later on Jun-ki discovered Hyori's true identity and told her to go back to her own stage, that's where she belongs to be...
It's said that Lee Jun-ki did the rap, not sure about that.

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