HK actor Walter Cho Tat Wah passed away at 91

Hong Kong veteran actor Walter ChoHong Kong veteran actor Walter Cho Tat Wah (???) passed in London at the age of 91. Cho was admitted to hospital last week for stomach bleeding, and passed away on January 13.

Cho started acting in 1930s and has been starring in over 700 movies. Cho is famous for his role in various wuxia movies (Chinese titles: ???? and ??? etc.) in 50s and 60s.

Cho is also famous with his role as Inspector Wah (???) in the 70s and 80s. Lots of his later movies are cameo roles as a chief police officer or chief detective.

Cho retired in mid 90s, but still respected for his decades of contributions to Hong Kong film industry.

This picture was taken last year when bunch of Hong Kong stars visited Cho in London while on a European group tour…
Walter Cho, Lisa Wong, Alan Tam and stars

RIP Inspector Wah.