The Classic (2003)

“The Classic” (???) is a 2003 Korean movie starring Son Ye-jin, Jo In-sung and Cho Seung-woo, and directed by Kwak Jae-yong.

Korea movie The Classic

The Classic is a movie about 2 love stories, involving the past and present.

The story started when Ji-hae (Son Ye-jin) was cleaning her house and found a box of old letters that was kept by her mother, Jo-hee (also played by Son Ye-jin), and started a flashback… (the movie is a continuous crossover of the past and present)

(Past) Jo-hee met country boy Joon-ha (Cho Seung-woo) while visiting her grandparents in a village. Both of them developed a special feelings for each other, but their relationship ended when Jo-hee left to go back to the city.

Joon-ha went back to study as well, and helped his best buddy Tae-soo to write love letters for he fiancee. Later on Joon-ha found out that Tae-soo’s fiancee was actually Jo-hee, but he kept his feelings and continued to write the letters.

(Present) Ji-hae was actually in same situation as Joon-ha, where she was writing love letters on behalf for her best friend to Sang-min (Jo In-sung). What her best friend didn’t know is, Joon-ha had special feelings for Sang-min as well…

(Past) Joon-ha later had the chance to meet with Jo-hee again, and both of them still shared the strong feelings. Tae-soo later discovered their relationship, and decided to help the love birds. But the situation was soon realized by Tae-soo’s parents; Tae-soo, under strong pressure, attempted to suicide but was luckily saved by Joon-ha.

Out of guilt, Joon-ha and Jo-hee ended relationship. Jo-hee didn’t married Tae-soo as planned and lost contact with Joon-ha, only later when she met with Tae-soo again that she found out that Joon-ha was joining the army and heading for the battlefield…

(Present) Ji-hae’s feeling to Sang-min was unveiling, and apparently Sang-min actually liked her and not her friend… and after some obstacles the young love birds shared a happy ending.

(I think I should end here, further plots will spoil the fun of watching the movie)

The Classic is a good movie. It’s some simple love stories, nothing extraordinary, but it shares the joy and sorrow in love, and has a touching ending.

If you are the type of people that cries when watching movies, this one will make you burst into tears for sure…

Definitely a movie worth recommending, and the theme song was great too. Here is one of the theme song MV by trio band Jatanpung…