Jay Chou to direct his own movie

According to actor Anthony Wong, Taiwan superstar Jay Chou will be directing his own movie next year.

Jay will be starring in the movie as well, with Anthony playing as his father. Both stars had previously worked in Jay’s debut movie “Initial D,” where Anthony played as Jay’s father as well.

Jay Chou is not entirely new in directing though; he was director for a few of his music videos in the past, including one of the recent MV for movie “The Curse of The Golden Flower.”

No further details are available yet, but the movie should start filming early January 2007 and has to be finished in 2 months because Jay will have to star in movie “Slam Dunk” in March.

Ermm I wonder with all the movies making… where will Jay Chou find his time to make his music?

[Source: news.cn]