Song Seung-hun back to TV screen

Korean heartthrob Song Seung-hun will be back to TV screen after spending 2 years serving in the Korean military unit.

Korea artist Song Seung-hun and Han Ga-in

Song Seung-hun will star alongside actress Han Ga-in in “City of Gods,” which is scheduled to air in Korea starting March 2007.

Song Seung-hun was made famous by TV drama “Autumn In My Heart” (with Song Hye-kyo). This will be Song Seung-hun first TV appearance since “Summer Scent” in 2003 (with Son Ye-jin).

Even before Song Seung-hun was discharged from military, he was voted by a Korean poll as the most anticipated ‘comeback’ artist of the year.

I believe many of his fans will be excited to see him again.

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