The 43rd Golden Horse Award, Taiwan 2006

Hong Kong movies “After This Our Exile” and “Perhaps Love” are the biggest winner of the prestigious 43rd Golden Horse Award, 2006 in Taiwan.

Aaron Kwok and Zhou Xun were named best actor and actress…
Aaron Kwok and Zhou Xun, 43rd Golden Horse Award

Aaron Kwok won best actor with After This Our Exile, his 2nd in a role; while Zhou Xun won best actress with Perhaps Love.

After This Our Exile also won the Best Movie in the end, but the best director was won by Peter Chan with Perhaps Love instead.

Goum Ian Iskandar, 43rd Golden Horse Award9-year-old Goum Ian Iskandar became the youngest winner ever as best supporting actor; he starred as Aaron’s son in After This Our Exile. Beat supporting actress went to “Nikki Shie” with Reflection.

Bryan Chang was named best newcomer with “Eternal Summer.”

China box office hit “Crazy Stone” won best original screenplay.

Japan hunk Takeshi Kaneshiro also shared some joy as one of the singer for “Crossroad,” the theme song of Perhaps Love which won the best original film song.


  1. […] Zhou Xun was not too disappointed though; Zhou Xun won the prestigous Golden Horse award a day later, which Son was not able to take part because it’s limited to Chinese productions. […]