John Woo and Blood Brothers in Shanghai

The cast of “Blood Brothers” were in Shanghai a week ago to promote the movie, alongside with producer John Woo.

Cast of Blood Brothers in Shanghai

Blood Brothers is seen as John Woo’s first ‘comeback’ project in Asia after spending years in Hollywood; and he managed to get a strong cast of Liu Ye, Daniel Wu, Zhang Zhen, Shu Qi, Yang You-Ning, Li Xiaolu etc.

Blood Brothers (or “Tian Tang Kou”) is directed by Alexi Tan.

The story is set in Shanghai in the 1930s, a chaotic period in the China city where gangster and mobsters rule the city. 3 brothers have set their feet in Shanghai to seek better life, but find themselves caught in the gangster fight, and in the end have to fight against each other, the blood brothers.

John Woo has spent over a decade in Hollywood after his success with “Broken Arrow” in 1993. He recently decided to start a few projects back in China, to share his movie ideology with Asian film makers once again.

Blood Brothers is seen as a warm-up project for John Woo; his main project will be “Red Cliff,” a movie set in the ancient war in China, adapted from Chinese epic novel “The Romance of Three Kingdoms.”