Taiwan artist Ariel Lin Yi Chen

Ariel Lin Yi Chen Profile

Name: Ariel Lin Yi Chen (Lin I Cheng, Lam Yi San)
Chinese name: ???
Birth date: October 29, 1982
Birth place: Taiwan
Height: 160cm
Blood type: A
Education: National ChengChi University, NCCU (Korean study)
Profession: Actress and singer

Hobbies: Acting, swimming, reading, singing, music, food, and travel
Favorite colors: Black, silver, and white
Favorite foods: Mum’s cooking, chocolate, pasta, Mongolian BBQ, and fruits
Favorite fruits: Strawberries, mango, apple, and grapes
Favorite movies: LOTR trilogy, and Harry Porter series

Ariel Lin Yi Chen Biography

Ariel Lin was given major role since her debut in 2002 drama, “True Love.” Ariel continued to star in “Secret Garden” and “Seventh Grade,” and steadily building her fame and popularity.

Ariel Lin still continued her university study while making all the dramas and managed to graduate from NCCU.

Ariel Lin co-starred Mike He in “Love Contract” (2004) and with Joseph Zheng in “It Started With a Kiss” (2005). Both the melodramas were a hit, and Ariel become one of the most popular TV actresses in Taiwan.

Ariel Lin then starred in popular dramas “Fairy from Wonderland” and acclaimed drama “Tokyo Juliet” in 2006. Fairy from Wonderland was hugely popular in China and Ariel is getting more famous in Asia region.

Ariel Lin also starred in 2 movies and sang a few songs in the dramas’ OST, but her singing venture is not as successful as her TV acting career.

Ariel Lin is currently filming the sequel for for ISWAK; she is also supposed to be filming “The Legend of Condor Heroes” in China but the filming was postphoned because the leading actor (Hu Ge) is recovering from a car accident.

Why I like Ariel Lin Yi Chen

I think Ariel looks just ok, but I think she’s smart and her acting is pretty good… one of the best actresses in Taiwan at her age.

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