Jackie Chan and Jet Li confirmed movie project

China actor Jet Li, as Monkey KingJackie Chan and Jet Li have finally confirmed their project to star in a movie together.

The movie will be based on Chinese epic, “Journey To The West.” Relativity Media will finance and Casey Silver the producer; Robert Minkoff (“The Lion King,” “Stuart Little”) the director, and Yuen Woo-Ping the action choreographer.

The actual title of the movie is not decided yet, so it’s still named as “J&J Project.” The production will cost US$70million and the filming is expected to start in April 2007.

Journey To The West is a fantasy novel about a monk, Xuan-Zang with his 3 disciples cum bodyguards (a monkey, pig and river monster) embarking on a journey to the west to find the Buddhist religious texts, Sutras.

The epic was based on the real life journey of Xuan-Zang to the East, but fictionalized with all the magical disciples and adventures; where the demons and evils want to eat Xuan-Zang believing that it will bring immortality.

It’s a long story; the movie will have to stream it real hard or perhaps just adapt part of the story, or make it into a trilogy.

Some Chinese News are saying that Jet Li will play the duo leading role as both Xuan-Zang and the monkey disciple (pic), while Jackie Chan will play as the river monster disciple. The news are however unconfirmed.

I wonder where did they manage to find the Jet Li’s monkey image? Computer edited perhaps…

Anyhow it’s great news for Asian movies fans, it’s great to see 2 of the biggest stars from Asia starring together. Hope that this is going to be a great movie.