You’re Under Arrest (Taiho Shichauzo), 2002

“You’re Under Arrest” or “Taiho Shichauzo” (???????) was a 2002 drama based on the popular manga series by Yosuke Fujishima.

Japanese TV show, Taiho Shichauzo

It’s a comedy drama with a bit of action and romance, starring Hara Sachie, Ito Misaki, Nagashima Kazushige, Kaneko Noboru, Otoha and Yoshioka Miho etc.

The storyline is based on 2 female police officer at Bokuto Station in Tokyo, Miyuki Kobayakawa (Hara Sachie) and Natsumi Tsujimoto (Ito Misaki).

Miyuki is a mechanic genius, a polite and passionate lady but easily provoked by some misconduct. She’s great in cars, both in modifications and handling, and often uses her driving skills to stop crime or catch criminals.

Natsumi is Miyuki’s housemate and partner, an outgoing and cheerful lady, often careless but it’s the one that normally keeps her head cool in critical situation. She has super strength and is a great fighter, and has amazing appetite for food and beer.

Miyuki and Natsumi worked together to fight crime in Tokyo, and often acted outrageously and ignored their station rules for the sake of protecting the community.

Their action caused headaches for fellow police officers and their chief, but the duo is often forgiven for their passion and effectiveness in solving crimes.

Miyuki and Natsumi also faced some crisis in their relationship in the drama. And there’s also a bit of romance involves, mostly in between Miyuki and motorcycle patrol officer Ken Nakajima (Nagashima Kazushige).

The characters in the real action drama are quite close to the original manga/anime, but the stories are not too similar. The cast did some pretty good job; Hara Sachie and Ito Misaki were capturing the leading characters pretty well.

There are just 9 episodes for the mini drama. Not the best Japanese drama I’ve seen, but quite ok for entertaining purpose.