Tropical islands vacation planning and guides

tropical island vacationFound a website about Caribbean vacation, with lots of articles that provide reviews on island vacation and cruising, with guides on places to stay, things to do, what to eat and what to see.

Cruise and island vacation are celebrities’ favorite to enjoy their holiday, even though paparazzi are everywhere waiting to snap some celebrities’ bikini photos.

Good thing is that these kind of ‘luxurious’ vacations are getting cheaper and affordable nowadays, more and more people can enjoy their holidays like celebrities nowadays.

The website provides some good information about Caribbean, Mediterranean, cruise lines and tropical food and drink recipes.

I’ve got the chance to visit a few exotic places in Mediterranean last year, places like Nice, Monaco and Venice.

My tour guide told me that they are lots of celebrities that are staying at French Riviera, a place sort of in between Nice and Monaco. I didn’t see any celebrities at that area though, but saw lots of nice cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley etc.

The next thing I would like to try is cruising. The best thing about cruise is to have a long vacation but still keeping in touch with your business and daily life. The communication on cruises nowadays is pretty excellent.

Guess what, the website also mention about Indonesia. I know that there are lots of South East Asia readers at my blog here, sounds like a good option for Asians to take a vacation.

Sad that there’s no information on Malaysia and Philippines, these 2 countries have some good tropical island and beaches as well.

The website also have a forum that allow members to discuss on all the travel information, like preparations, destinations and budgeting etc.

Have a look at the website and forum if you are interested with an island or cruising vacation. :)