Shu Qi and Xu JingLei in China for Confession of Pain

The leading actress of movie “Confession of Pain,” Shu Qi and Xu JingLei was in HangZhou, China to promote their latest production.

Alan Mak, Xu JingLei, Shu Qi and Andrew Lau, promoting Confession of Pain in China

Directors Alan Mak and Andrew Lau also attended the press conference, but the leading actors Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Chapman To were all unavailable.

The movie is expected to hit the cinema in mid December, and is getting great expectation from their leading cast and director..

Andrew Lau is the director of “Internal Affair,” which was remade by Hollywood as “The Departed.”

Shu Qi is award winning actress from Taiwan, Xu JingLei acclaimed in China for her multi talent as actress and director, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is multiple award winner from Hong Kong, and Takeshi Kaneshiro is often rated as one of the most handsome man in Asia.

Not much details are available on the movie so far, what I know is that Tony Leung is playing as a policeman that has his own agenda and married Xu JingLei to get closer to revenge against her father. Takeshi is his passionate compatriot that just want to be a good policeman, Shu Qi play as Takeshi’s girlfriend.

A bit of trivia.. the leading actress, Shu Qi and Xu JingLei shared the same birthday. Shu Qi is 2 years younger though.

Shu Qi and Xu Jing Lei, Confession of Pain promotion in China