Mike and Rainie star together again in “Exchange Love”

Mike He and Rainie Yang, in Devil Beside YouTaiwan heartthrob Mike He Jun Xiang and Rainie Yang Cheng Lin will be joining hands again in their next TV drama series, “Exchange Love.”

The project has been started a few months ago, but both artist couldn’t reach compromise and the project was thought to be cancelled or delayed indefinitely.

There has been a sudden U-turn last week, when Mike told the press that he is indeed going to film the drama with Rainie, which will start production in November.

Mike and Rainie were involved in popular drama “Devil Beside You” in 2005. Many fans are hoping to see another TV series with both of them starring together again, and seems like they got their wishes granted.

There’s no much details about the new drama, Exchange Love. According to the producer, Mike will play as a kind-hearted bad boy (just like in Devil Beside You), while Rainie will be playing a Cinderella like girl.

Let’s wish Mike and Rainie can create good chemistry and give another great performances in the new drama.


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