Madonna adoption baby leaves Malawi

13-month-old David Banda, the Malawian baby that pop star Madonna is seeking to adopt has left the African country on board a private jet, accompanied by one of the singer’s bodyguards. [BBC]

The Madonna adoption issue has spurred some suprised reaction in Malawi, with human rights and other organizations opposing to the adoption for various reasons, including the lawfulness of the adoption.

Malawian law prohibits adoptions by non-residents, but officials are granting an exemption or waiver to Madonna, who has confirmed her intention to adopt the child who lives in an orphanage near the Zambian border.

Btw, baby David is not really an orphan, his mother was dead but father still here. It’s said that David’s father has agreed to the adoption, in hope for a better life for the child.

I personally don’t see a problem for a rich and famous person like Madonna to adopt a child from Africa, she even pledged to donate about $3m (1.6m) to help 900,000 orphans in Malawi.. that’s quite noble.

If the laws are not permitting foreigners to adopt a child, change it. It’sridiculous that a country is having 900,000 orphans and not ready to accept offers from other wealthy countries to help with adoptions.