Devil Beside You, 2005

“Devil Beside You” is 2005 Taiwan hit drama, starring Mike He Jun Xiang and Rainie Yang Cheng Lin.

Taiwan drama Devil Beside You

The TV series is based on Japanese manga Akuma de Sourou (Devils do exist), which was written by Mitsuba Takanashi. The drama was quite a hit when it was showed on CTV in Taiwan, and is very well received across Asia.

My local TV channel is showing Devil Beside You again, reminded me of blogging about this popular drama. The story plot..

Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) was a college girl that had a crush on basketball captain Yuan Yi (Kingone Wang), and decided to confess her feelings with a love letter.

On the day that Yue was about to pass the love letter to Yuan Yi, perhaps too nervous, she bumped into freshboy Jiang Meng (Mike He), the school rich president’s son, who has a devilish reputation and a bully.

Meng who possessed the love letter, threatened Yue to expose the love letter to everyone in school.. and the only thing that’s going to stop him from doing so is to have Yue to serve as his servant.

Yue had no choice but to follow the orders, but later on when she knew more about Meng, found that Meng was not as devilish as he seemed, and was actually a kind hearted person from deep within.

Gradually, Yue developed her affection for Meng; while Meng was deeply attracted with Yue’s passion towards everyone as well.

As love began to spark in the young love birds, they found out a shocking news.. Yue’s single mum and Meng’s single dad was in love and about to get married, and they will soon be step brother-sister.

It’s not the end of the worse, the young couple faced other obstacles from Meng’s grandmother, who had planned for an arranged marriage for Meng..

Typical Taiwan melodrama, nothing great about the storyline, but it’s quite an entertaining TV drama.

Mike and Rainie produced some great acting in the show, the chemistry between the leading cast contributes a lot to the success of the series.

I know people will start asking if Mike and Rainie are real life couple, and that they are meant to be together blah blah.. the answer is NO, they are not together in real life.

Rainie Yang also regain her singer status with the success of the drama, she sang the ending song, “Ai Mei” (Ambiguity) and later released her debut solo album with this song…


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