The Grudge 2 failed to impress movie critics

Movie The Grudge 2“The Grudge 2” has started showing in cinemas in US, but failed to impress the movie critics. Most of the movie critics mentioned the movie as ‘scarily’ boring and lack creativity.

I am hoping something good from The Grudge 2, because American-Chinese star Edison Chen is playing a role in the movie, and I wish Asian star can do well in Hollywood.

The poor comments are not suprising though, it’s always difficult for movie sequel to impress the critics.

It’s also a weird decision to drop the famous Sarah Michelle Gellar as supporting cast and use relatively new Amber Tamblyn as leading actress.. and while Edison is quite famous in Asia, he’s almost unknown in Hollywood.

I’ve also seen the trailer of the movie, not too impress. Just like the movie critics’ comments, nothing new. The freaky ‘spirit’ is no longer scary, sometimes look funny instead, like the cute animation “Casper.”

Whatever, guess I can save a movie ticket and go for some fried chicken instead. Here is The Grudge 2 preview, judge for yourself..