Andy Lau honored at Busan International Film Festival

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is honored at the Busan International Film Festival, not as an actor or singer, but named as Asian Filmmaker of The Year.

Andy Lau, Asian Filmmaker of The Year, Busan International Film Festival

It’s the first major award for the South Korea film festival, and the Busan Film organizers chose Andy for his work on his new program, “Focus First Cut” that funded new directors from across Asia.

Andy’s project has been bringing great results in both box office receipts and good critics review. His funded movies had been invited to various film festivals, including 6 at Busan.

Andy Lau funded and China made movie, “Crazy Stone” has been chosen as the closing movie for Busan Film Festival. Crazy Stone is just a low budget movie, but is probably China’s top box office movie in 2006.

Congrats to the 45-year-old veteran, looks like Andy Lau has just added another prolific title in his splendid profile.. as a recognized movie producer.