Song Hye-kyo’s movie filming postphoned

Korean actress Song Hye-kypKorean actress Song Hye-kyo‘s latest movie “Hwang Jin-i” suffered another setback as the filming progress is interupted by North Korea nuclear test and has to be postphoned until further notice.

The news came more bitter as the TV drama version of “Hwang Jin-i” (starring another superstar Ha Ji-won) already started airing in Korea and getting all the buzz and publicity.

From news report it’s said that the movie production has completed 30% of its filming, and was planning to film the other part of the movie in North Korea’s K?mgangsan (Korea 2nd highest mountain) and Pakyon Falls.

The filming team was concerned about the safety of the cast and crews, and decided to postphone their plan.

The movie version of Hwang Jin-i was scheduled to premiere on February 2007, seems like it will be postphoned indefinitely as well.


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