Sienna Miller is to be Pittsburgh’s most hated celebrity

Old dogs did the same trick, Sienna Miller did it again.. insulting the people of Pittsburgh. The irony thing is that the 2nd insult came just hours after her public apology for calling the city ‘S***sburgh’.

The British actress was in Pittsburgh to film her latest movie, “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.” She had to apologize to the mayor and residents of Pittsburgh last Saturday for the name calling, but on that night created another havoc again.

It happened at a nightclub call Folino (yo the club is getting world famous now lol) when she was asked by the guard to show her ID. Sienna went on and asked “Do you know who I am?” and got a cold response from the guard that still insist on an ID.

Sienna was unhappy of the way she was treated and said that “I’m going to put down Folino’s as the worst place and Pittsburgh people aren’t anything.” So here it goes again..

From the rate it’s getting on, Sienna Miller is going to be Pittsburgh most hated celebrity soon, or maybe already is.

And honestly, I won’t recognize Sienna Miller if I see her on the street. Sure she is pretty, but just as pretty as lots of other blondes, nothing special.