Korean movie “The Restless” is set to premiere in Pusan International Film Festival. The anticipated movie is directed by new director Jo Dong-ho, starring popular actor Jung Woo-sung and actress Kim Tae-hee.

Movie The Restless, star Jung Woo-sung and Kim Tae-hee

The Restless or “Jungcheon” is a fantasy action movie. Not sure if it’s Buddishm or Taoism teaching, where Jungcheon is a dimension between heaven and earth..

When people die their soul will spend 49 days in Jungcheon before moving to heaven or hell, or being rebirth..

Jung Woo-sung play as an ancient warrior who can’t forget about his love (by Kim Tae-hee) and somehow manage to get into the Jungcheon to look for her.

Kim Tae-hee however has no memories about Jung Woo-sung. She has become a guardian angel in the Jungcheon dimension to fight against a dark force in the dimension.

Jung Woo-sung while looking for his lover, is caught in the battle between the good and evil..

This is the movie trailer, thanks to pink_5 for the lead and toede for the video..

Pusan Film Fest will be held from October 12-20. Veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki and young actress Moon Geun-yeung will host the opening event, 150 Korean superstars are expected to join the celebration.

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