Vivian Hsu and Gary Cao, in a Taipei gay barTaiwan press has been linking sweetheart Vivian Hsu with Malaysian singer Gary Cao.

The rumor has been heated up when they were sighted together in a famous gay bar “Funky” in Taiwan.

Vivian and Gary knew each other when they duet on the song “I Still Believe” in Vivian’s latest album.

Fact of the night is that both of them went to the bar with another bunches of friends, and as always the press like to crop things and make it as if they are dating.

Vivian has just broken up with artist Vanness, and according to herself she will not be dating anyone from the entertainment industry anymore.

We will never know, sometimes rumors do turn out to be true. It will be nice to see Gary and Vivian getting together, they can be a good celebrity couple.

Below is a pic from their music video, looks cute ain’t so..

Vivian Hsu and Gary Cao, I still believe MV

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