Ha Ji-won ahead of Song Hye-kyo for Hwang Jin-i

Korea actresses Ha Ji-won and Song Hye-kyo have been the talk of the town for both acting as the same character Hwang Jin-i (or Hwang Jiny), based on the real life stories of a 16th century Kisaeng.

Ji-won is starring in the TV drama version, while Hye-kyo in a movie. It’s still uncertain who will play the role better, but in terms of production and promotion, Ji-won’s version is getting ahead.

KBS, the Korean production for the TV drama have just an official poster that will be used in an entertainment production event, “MIPCOM 2006” in Cannes. Another 5 posters of the TV drama will be released to be used at Palais des Festivals during the event.

Ha Ji-won, Hwang Jin-i poster

A press conference had also been held introducing Ha Ji-won and the main actor to the media. Some production photos and drama trailer have also been released for public viewing..

Hwang Jin-i TV drama
[images courtesy of newsen.com]
Ha Ji-won, Hwang Jin-i

Below is the TV drama trailer..