Taiwan actress Pace Wu looking for ideal lover

Taiwan actress Pace Wu Pei-Ci has just celebrated her 28th birthday on October 4th, and her birthday wishes are to be a friendlier person and to find an ideal lover.

Taiwan actress Pace Wu
[image courtesy of sina.com.cn]

A beauty like Pace won’t have too much trouble finding a lover, and according to herself she isn’t that picky.. as long as the guy is 175cm in height and has a proper career, he got a chance.

Since that I’m only 168cm, I can probably stop dreaming about her lol.

An ideal lover is not the only person Pace is looking for currently, she’s looking for a new agent as well. She has decided to end her currently agency contract prematurely due to some dispute.

Happy birthday to miss Pace Wu anyway, and may her dreams come true.