America borned Chinese singer eVonne Hsu has just released her 6th and latest album, “Mystery” on October 6.

eVonne Hsu, 6th album released

eVonne’s new album will feature music elements from Mediterranean. Taiwan popular artist Jay Chou has made a song for eVonne, which is being used as the album key song.

The press seemed more interested with eVonne’s love relationship rather than her album. eVonne is rumored to be in relationship with his current agent Xiao-Dao for the past 5 years, but recent rumors are that Xiao-Dao splitted with eVonne and got along with eVonne’s sister, Ivy instead.

However seeing that Xiao-Dao had attended the event to support eVonne and gifted her a watch worth around USD50,000, they seemed pretty close though.

Evonne Hsu and Xiao Dao
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