After years of successful music career, Michael Wong aka Guang Liang had finally came back to his homeland Malaysia for 2 successive concert on September 30 and October 1.

Michael Wong Malaysia Concert

Guang Liang is one of Asia most famous singer and his song “Fairy Tale” (“Tong Hua”) is one of the hottest Chinese song in 2005/2006. Guang Liang was my high school alumni, so I’m really proud of his achievement, too bad I wasn’t able to attend his concert in the weekend.

It was huge success for Michael’s concert. The 1st night concert ticket was sold out in just a few days and the 2nd concert was nearly a full sold out crowd as well. All the songs he sang in the concert was written by himself, showing just how talented an artist he is.

Michael Wong Malaysia Concert, with Cheer Chen

The concert also brought in 2 special guest from Taiwan. The first night was Cheer Chen (above pic, I love her soooo much), and the 2nd night was Chiang Mei Chi (below pic).

Michael Wong Malaysia Concert, with Chiang Mei Chi

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Below is a video clip of Guang Liang singing his popular song, Fairy Tale in his Malaysia concert. Thanks to sheryl0202..

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