Lee Young-ae replaced in “Dae Jang Geum 2”

Korean TV channel MBC is planning to make the sequel of popular 2003 drama “Dae Jang Geum” (or “Jewel In The Palace”). The sequel will be using the same production team, including director and screen writer, but there will be changes in the main cast.

The main actress of all in the first series, Lee Young-ae ((pic on our left) will not be featuring in this new production, and will be replaced with a relatively new star, Jeong Yu-mi (pic on our right).

Korea actress Lee Young-ae, Dae Jang GeumKorea actress Jeong Yu-mi

Dae Jang Geum was one of Korea most successful TV drama ever, and it sparked huge interest worldwide about Korean culture and bring huge crowd of travellers to Korea to learn about their history.

The original Jewel In The Palace story was about the life of Korea first female royal physician back in the Joseon Dynasty, her name was Jang Geum, and the character was played by Lee Young-ae.

It’s said that the new sequel is using a new actress because Lee Young-ae has become so popular that her pay become very high, and the production cannot afford to pay her salary.. thus going for Jeong Yu-mi instead.

Yu-mi was quite a familiar face in Korea with some commercial advertisement, but she has only a few acting experience.. so it’s quite a suprise news for her to be picked for the important role.

No official news about what the storyline of the sequel, it will be kept as secret according to a MBC spokeman. Hope that Yu-mi will play as well as Young-ae, and hope that the new sequel will be as good as the original.


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