Maggie Q joining Bruce Willies in Live Free or Die Hard

According to Hollywood Reporter, Hawaii borned Asian actress Maggie Q is set to join Bruce Willies in “Live Free or Die Hard,” the 4th installment of the “Die Hard” series.

Actress and supermodel Maggie Q

After more than 10 years since “Die Hard 3,” the production company decided to make the 4th sequel of the box office blockbuster.

“Underworld” director Len Wiseman will direct the movie, which will start filming end of this month or early in October.

Maggie Q is one of Asia most famous supermodel, she starred in a few Hong Kong movies as well but her biggest success came from Hollywood mega production, “Mission Impossible III,” starring alongside Tom Cruise.

The story centers an attack on America’s computer infrastructure that begins to shut the country down. Q will play a world-class hacker at odds with hard-to-die hero John McClane, played by Bruce Willis for the 4th time.