Hong Kong veteran actor Pau Fong passed away

Hong Kong veteran actor Pau FongHong Kong veteran actor Pau Fong (1922-2006) passed away 2 days ago due to illness.

Another favorite veteran Hong Kong actor leaving for heaven, Pau’s buddy Kwan Hoi-San passed away just 10 days before him.. and earlier in February, Bill Tung passed away as well.

Pau started acting in 1950s, and had acted in over 50 movies, and in quite a number of TV drama series as well. His last TV drama performance was in 2000, where he suffered a stroke and stopped acting.

Other than his personal achievement, Pau also had his children to be proud of..

His son Peter Pau is famous cinematographer that won an Oscar in 2000 with “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” while his daughter is also an veteran actress, who starred as Jet Li’s mother in his recent movie “Fearless.”

RIP mr Pau, you will be missed.