Brad Pitt replacing Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible?

There has been rumors that Brad Pitt will be replacing Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible Movie.

Cruise was the key actor in Mission Impossible:I-III, one of the most successful movie franchise ever. Cruise will however not be featuring in any of the future MI movies, as Cruise’s relationship with Paramount was ended last month.

Paramount owns the Mission Impossible copyright and will be looking for a new replacement for Cruise if the production company wants to continue the movie franchise with MI:IV.

Considering the fact that Paramount will be looking for an equally big name to replace Cruise, they are not too many options left.

I can think of Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Leornado di Caprio, Orlando Broom, Collin Farell and a few others.

Brad Pitt sounds like a good choice in terms of fame and appearance, he did pretty well as action star in “Mr and Mrs Smith.”

It has been rumored that Paramount are willing to make Pitt the highest paid actor in movie history to lure him for MI:IV.

My personal favorite will be Keanu Reeves to play the role, no one beats Keanu Reeves when it comes to Hollywood action movie!