Jolin Tsai booby Hong Kong concert

Taiwan singer Jolin Tsai, Hong Kong concertTaiwan pop diva Jolin Tsai is having concert in Hong Kong, and all the press care is about her G-Cup boobs and slutty performances.

Sometimes I wonder how the artist will feel about this, when the press and media are ignoring the music and focus on the appearances.

It’s not all the media’s fault though, I’m kinda suprise to see how Jolin Tsai is transforming her image in recent years.

I’m ok with artist trying to be sexy, but I felt that Jolin is a bit over in this matter.. sexiness is not just about wearing less. Overdoing it can be disgusting at times.

I used to like Jolin’s music, she’s actually quite a good singer. Perhaps she should really focus on her music rather than pushing too hard on her image building, her music are not improving since moving to her new recording company.

[image courtesy of Orisun]